Don't Delay, Mother Can Overcome Child's Cold Cough at Home

Don't Delay, Mother Can Overcome Child's Cold Cough at Home Cold coughs in children do not always have to be treated using drugs. There are several methods of treatment at home that are considered effective in dealing with coughing colds in children, so that your child can quickly get back healthy.

Although coughing a cold in a child can be treated with medication at home, you need to know what kind of treatment is safe and good to deal with this condition. Consider the following explanation about coughing a cold in a child and handling that can be done at home.

Don't Delay, Mother Can Overcome Colds in Children at Home - Alodokter

Factors That Cause Colds Cough in Children

Cold cough is a common condition experienced by little one. The main cause of cold cough in children is rhinovirus, which is a type of virus that can cause irritation to the lining of the nose and throat. Rhinovirus easily spreads through the air or direct contact with patients who have a cold cough.

Children are more at risk of having a cold cough because their immune system is still not as strong as adults. The little one usually catches a cold cough while playing and comes in contact with a friend who is experiencing a cold cough.

How to Overcome Colds Cough in Children at Home

Actually, coughing a cold in a child can heal on its own without treatment. Even so, there are some home remedies that you can give your child to be more comfortable and recover faster.

You can do treatment at home when your child has a cold cough with mild symptoms, namely coughing, sneezing, runny or runny nose, and stuffy nose. The methods are as follows:

Always make sure the child gets rest and adequate fluid intake.
Educate people around not to smoke near Little One.
Give children healthy and nutritious food.
Clean every room in the house, especially the child's bedroom.
Temporarily reduce activities outside the home.
Warm his body.
In addition to putting on a comfortable blanket and adjusting the temperature of the room, you can apply special baby and child balsam made from natural ingredients, such as chamomile and eucalyptus extract, to the body of the Little One to warm it. Research reveals that these natural ingredients can relieve cough symptoms of colds in children, while making them feel more comfortable.

The above ways you can do to help your child recover faster. However, if a child's cold cough does not improve, the little one does not want to eat, sleeplessness, shortness of breath, or high fever, immediately consult a pediatrician so that further treatment can be given.

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