7 Right Ways to Stop Diarrhea

7 Right Ways to Stop Diarrhea

Healthprotech.com 7 Often snacking in a place that is not clean or eating foods that have been contaminated with bacteria can cause adults to experience diarrhea. Symptoms are runny stools and make the sufferer often go back and forth to the toilet to defecate. In addition to disrupting activities, if diarrhea is left for weeks, it can cause sufferers to experience a lack of fluids and have fatal consequences.

Diarrhea is one of the most common diseases experienced by people in developing countries such as Indonesia. Diarrhea attacks not only adults but also children. Usually people will experience diarrhea when eating food or drinks that are dirty and contaminated by bacteria and viruses, causing intestinal infections. In addition, anxiety, side effects of certain drugs and consuming too much alcoholic beverages can also cause diarrhea. Although it is a common disease, diarrhea can also be fatal if the person has dehydration due to too much fluid loss in the body. Therefore, diarrhea must be treated as soon as possible. Come on, find out how to stop the following diarrhea:

Take antidiare medication
Loperamide is one of the effective and fast drugs to stop diarrhea. This antidiarrheal drug works by slowing down the activity of the large intestine so that food can be held longer. Then the intestine will absorb more water and the stool becomes denser. Keep in mind that loperamide is not recommended for children's consumption.

To prevent dehydration due to frequent bowel movements, people with diarrhea are encouraged to take ORS. ORS can also replace salt and fluid lost in feces. ORS water should be taken little by little, after drinking 2-3 sips, stop briefly to allow the ORS to be absorbed by the intestine.

Electrolyte Water
In the human body, there are electrically charged minerals called electrolytes. This mineral is found in sweat, urine, and other body fluids. When diarrhea, electrolyte levels in the body are reduced and can cause dehydration. To replace electrolytes lost during diarrhea, you can drink electrolyte water that has been sold everywhere.

Yogurt is very well consumed by people with diarrhea. Good bacteria contained in yogurt can fight bad bacteria that cause intestinal infections. But for those of you who have allergies or are not suitable for yogurt, you should not use this method, because it can make diarrhea worse.

Black tea
Other drinks that can also help overcome diarrhea are black tea. Black tea contains tannins which can reduce the severity of diarrhea. Black tea mixed with chamomile is an effective diarrhea reliever. These drinks will produce anti-inflammatory substances that can treat inflammation in the intestine.

Water Decoction of Guava Leaves
It turns out that guava leaves can be a natural anti-diarrhea drug. Decoction of guava leaves is proven to inhibit the growth of Escherichia Coli (E. coli) and staphylococcus aureus, the cause of diarrhea. In addition, these herbal medicines can also help solidify feces. How, boil 4-5 guava leaves that have been cleaned, then drink boiled water three times a day to treat diarrhea.

Eat in a small portion
People with diarrhea are advised to eat small but frequent meals. Eat soft, nutritious foods to restore a weak body condition.

If diarrhea still doesn't stop after a few days of treatment, immediately see a doctor.

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