10 Ways to Overcome and Prevent Constipation

10 Ways to Overcome and Prevent Constipation

Healthprotech.com When the body is tired, bloated, and the whole body feels bad, ask yourself this: When was the last time you dumped your stomach in the toilet?

Constipation can be the source of the narrowing of the belt, not sleeping well, and even the appearance of zits the next day. But calm down, this will all pass. Experts will give you help to overcome your stomach problems today, and prevent tomorrow.

1. Don't skip meals

"Eating stimulates reflexes that make the contents in the stomach move towards the large intestine," said Joanne AP Wilson, MD, gastroenterologist and professor of medicine at Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC.

When there is no movement, you certainly will not defecate. Give the body system a "kick" that is needed at the beginning with breakfast. Research shows, eating breakfast containing protein can help you avoid the threat of sugar which can trigger weight gain.

2. Add fiber intake slowly

Eating too much fiber can also move everything, but not without the problem of bloating, gas, and maybe diarrhea. If your stomach isn't too familiar with fiber before, try consuming fiber supplements.

3. Consumption of wheat

Fiber is soft and helps move feces, said Elaine Feldman, MD, professor emeritus of medicine at the Medical College of Georgia. But you don't have to feed your body with one box of wheat every day.

Three servings of vegetables, two servings of fruits, and some whole wheat bread is enough to move the stomach contents together. Including legumes that can also help eradicate constipation.

4. Try a natural laxative

"If you feel uncomfortable because of constipation, even though you are on a long trip and can't go to the gym or eat fruits and vegetables, try eating natural laxatives, such as milk, or prune juice," Dr. Wilson said. "Sometimes, even a cup of warm broth can help your digestion move faster."

5. Take it out by drinking lots of water

Drink six to eight glasses (8 ounces) of water every day to soften the stool, said Robyn Karlstadt, MD, a gastroenterologist at the Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia. Prepare an empty bottle filled with water and place it on your table. Spend a day.

6. Schedule time to your toilet

Wake up, take a shower, take breakfast and eat it on your way to work is good for productivity, but not for your digestion. Eating in the morning is like waking up your large intestine, and public toilets are usually not conducive to fulfilling the calm you need during bowel movements.

Preferably, schedule time in the morning for BAB to complete, said Nicolette Francey, MD, professor of medicine at New York Medical College. "Usually, the large intestine is ready to release its contents about half an hour after the first meal."

7. Sit down, don't get tense

Trying to "force" it out won't relieve your constipation, it can even make it worse. You actually make yourself at risk for hemorrhoids or bumps in rectal tissue, also known as rectal prolapse. If you still can't "take it out" after 15 minutes, stop and leave the toilet.

8. Squatting

"If you are constipated, squatting will straighten the corner of your intestine and expel feces faster," said Jacqueline Wolf, MD, a digestive system expert and associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

9. Drink coffee

Research from the UK and various anecdotal reports indicate that a cup of caffeinated coffee can stimulate intestinal movements. While experts, still debating how coffee works like that, a cup of java coffee needs to be tried if you don't have a problem with caffeine.

10. When all else fails, try exercising

Experts are not entirely sure why, but exercise will stimulate intestinal function. Walking, swimming, or doing another 30 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week is enough to deal with constipation. But remember, you must stay hydrated.

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