10 Facts about Dopamine Hormones

Healthprotech.com - Dopamine hormones are chemical compounds in the brain that play a role in conveying stimuli throughout the body. This hormone affects various human activities, ranging from the ability to remember to move the limbs.

The dopamine hormone is also called an emotional controlling hormone. When released in the right amount, this hormone will improve mood, so people will feel happier and happier. Conversely, a lack of dopamine hormone will make the mood worse, it can even increase the risk of depression.
Facts about Dopamine Hormones

Recognize Facts about Dopamine Hormones
Here are some important facts about the hormone dopamine that you need to know:

1. Has a function as a neurotransmitter
In the body, the hormone dopamine is known as a neurotransmitter, which is a chemical compound that acts as a conduit of stimuli (messages in the form of stimuli) to nerve cells, both in the brain and in the muscles.

2. Cause positive feelings
Dopamine hormones affect the appearance of pleasant feelings, from falling in love, joy, motivation, to self-confidence. But if released excessively, this hormone can make someone become obsessed with something.

3. Influencing behaviour
Dopamine can also affect a person's behaviour. When released at the right level, dopamine hormone will make a person more excited and motivated.

4. Supports digestion and endurance
Dopamine hormone can help the digestive process, by making the digestive tract digest nutrients optimally. In addition, the hormone dopamine can also increase endurance and relieve inflammation.

5. Become a validator
At normal levels, the dopamine hormone in the blood vessels can become a vasodilator. That is, this hormone keeps blood vessels from widening so that blood pressure does not increase.

6. Affects the work of organs
Dopamine hormones can affect the work of important organs in the body, such as the kidneys and pancreas. In the kidney, this hormone will increase urinary output. While in the pancreas, dopamine hormone will suppress the production of the hormone insulin, which plays a role in maintaining the stability of blood sugar levels.

7. Play a role in the appearance of disorders of the brain
The release of too much dopamine hormone in the brain has proven to increase the risk of a person suffering from schizophrenic disorders. On the other hand, dopamine levels that are too low in the brain are associated with the emergence of Parkinson's disease.

8. Affects the ability to focus attention
Dopamine hormone abnormalities in the brain are often associated with attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Therefore, ADHD sufferers will be given drugs to increase the release of dopamine production in the brain.

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9. Increases the work of the heart and blood flow to the kidneys
This effect makes drugs containing dopamine hormone can be used to deal with shock, for example, due to heart failure, kidney failure, injury, or heart attack.

10. Can be triggered by several types of drugs
Some drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine, can trigger the brain to release large amounts of the hormone dopamine and make someone feel the euphoric effect.

Dopamine hormone plays an important role so that the body can function optimally. If you feel you need medication to increase the release of dopamine in the body, consult your doctor first, in order to get optimal benefits and minimize the risk of side effects.

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