10 Causes of Itching in the Anus Area

Healthprotech.com  - The area around the groin is so sensitive that just a few problems such as itching, we can immediately feel uncomfortable. Well, if itching occurs in the genitals, we may be able to easily give an ointment or the like to subside. However, what if the itching occurs around the anus even in the sockets?

Of course, we will be increasingly uncomfortable with this condition. Some people can experience work disorders or not be able to sleep because of itching and disturbing them. Well, about what causes itching around both men and women?

Causes of Itching in the Anus Area

Causes of itching around the anus

There are many causes of itching around the anus ranging from our own mistakes and certain diseases. Well, if you often experience itching problems in the anus, it could be some of the things below.

1. Less clean when rinsing

If you have a habit of not cleaning the anal area until it is clean, chances are there will be residual dirt. As a result, the anal area will become itchy because it invites bacteria to approach. If you want to defecate, make sure to clean the anal area thoroughly using water. After cleaning, don't forget to use a tissue to wipe it dry.

2. Excessive cleaning of the anal area

Contrary to the previous point, some people actually clean the anal area too extreme. They will use other soaps or cleansers before rinsing with water. Then after cleaning and drying, the anal area will be given fragrance or maybe powder.

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The anal area does tend to have an unpleasant odour and that is normal. Someone does not need to be too extreme when cleaning it. In fact, until given perfume or the like. If you do that, even the sensitive area in the anus will feel itchy and sore.

3. The food we consume

What we consume turns out to cause itching in the anus. Suppose we consume too much coffee. The muscles around the anus will be looser and make the dirt feel like it will come out. This causes itching and discomfort. Other foods that cause itching in the anus are chocolate, tomatoes, sour fruit, beer, and foods that are too spicy.

4. Panties

Panties can also be one of the reasons whether you will experience itching around the anus or not. Itching around the anus can occur if the underwear we use is too dirty. That is why in one day we are advised to replace panties twice. The reason is that to be cleaned in the groin area including the anus is maintained.

If you experience menstruation. The recommended replacement of underwear can be more than twice. If your panties are dirty from menstrual blood or are exposed to leaky pads, replacement is required.

5. Stool issued

What comes out of the anus also affects the presence or absence of itching. If you experience excessive diarrhoea, chances are, the anus will easily itch. Moreover, you cannot clean your anus perfectly. In addition, faeces that are too hard due to constipation also cause pain and itching in the anal area, especially when you push them repeatedly.

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6. Having haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids or swollen blood vessels that occur in the anus not only cause pain and bleeding. When you are going to heal, you will usually experience intense and very annoying itching. Some people even ask for a doctor's help so that the itch doesn't bother him.

7. There are worms

If you eat incorrectly, eggs from pinworms can enter the body and eventually hatch and cause problems. Hatching and adult pinworms will usually move to the anus at night to lay eggs. Well, this movement triggers itching and disrupts sleep quality.

8. Infection occurs due to a virus or bacteria

Infection is also very easy to occur in the anus because this place is more populated by bacteria. If someone has anal sex unhealthily such as not using a condom, it is likely that a disease such as gonorrhoea or chlamydia can trigger itching.

If you want to have anal sex with a partner, make sure to always use a condom. Although both are equally healthy, condoms are still needed just in case.

9. Genital warts appear

Genital warts caused by HPV infection also trigger intense itching in the anus. In fact, this itching can also cause problems such as bleeding if the wart is rubbed. Someone who has HPV is also more susceptible to cancer in the anus.

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10. Attack of scabies
Scabies lice can attack all parts of the skin including the groin and anal area. These lice cause the skin to become itchy and experience discolouration such as being rather blackish and peeling.

Here are some things that can cause itching in the anus. Now, among the things above, which have happened to you? Hopefully after this anus does not occur and you do not need to experience interference when sitting or doing other activities.

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