Benefits of honey for beauty - Since centuries ago honey has been used by many women for skin care and miracles. Yes, honey is not only used after we make cakes, tea, or low, but honey is also smart for health and makes it surprising because natural ingredients that are beneficial to the skin such as antioxidants, drugs, vitamin B and vitamins that are water soluble.

Here are some ways to use honey for health and beauty:

1. Facial Scrub
If your skin is sensitive and afraid to use many beauty products, then you will be able to use honey. Prepare honey and refined sugar as a substitute scrub. Also, add lemon and vegetable oil. This methodology will take dead skin cells and make your skin soft and shiny.

2. Hair conditioner
If you want to make your hair shine, you can use honey as a conditioner. Mix one tablespoon of honey and hot water, and wash your hair with a mixture. Before washing, leave to represent about one hour for higher yields. try this methodology as often as possible.

3. Body lotion
Honey is not only useful for hair and face, but also for the body. You will be able to make your skin more moist by molesting honey than lotion. Mix one tablespoon of honey, one teaspoon of lemon water, and a few teaspoons of vegetable oil. Apply the mixture throughout the body. Allow representing twenty minutes before washing with water.

4. Cleanse skin scar disease
Honey will eliminate skin scars and can increase scleroprotein production in the skin. Manuka honey is probably a type of honey that is effective in removing skin scar disease. You can apply honey to pimples, then let it represent a quarter of an hour then rinse. medicinal compounds in honey will kill bacterial diseases that cause skin and facilitate the healing of acne scars. Read To  10 Benefits of Honey for Health, Prevent Cancer!.

5. Overcome the Sun's Heat
Honey will cure sunburned skin. If you save too long in the sun, you will be able to use honey to reduce pain.

6. Overcome rough lips
If your lips are cracked, apply honey as often as possible. Leave your lips for five minutes then wash with water. This methodology will make your lips runny and feel softer.

7. Anti premature aging
Honey will help reduce signs of aging. {You will | You | You will be able to look young because the honey content can counteract free radicals.

8. Natural face mask
The trick is to combine a pair of tablespoons of honey with one teaspoon of milk. Stir until smooth and evenly spread on your face, leave about 10-15 minutes then wash hot water bad treatment.

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