15 Lemon Water Benefits for Unexpected Health

Protec Health - The benefits of lemon water are abundant, especially for your body's health. Apart from its relatively affordable price, lemon contains about 5 per cent citric acid and is a rich source of vitamin C. No wonder there are many benefits of lemon that we can enjoy.

Keep in mind that lemons also contain many vitamins such as B vitamins, riboflavin and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and protein and carbohydrates. Then what are the benefits of lemon for health? Come see the explanation below.

Benefits and Benefits of Lemon Water

Even though it is acidic, lemon turns out to be petrified to lose weight and is also good for beauty. Here are some of the benefits of lemon which are very good for health:

Lemon Water Benefits for Unexpected Health

1. Good for the stomach
The benefits of lemon water can help alleviate digestive problems when mixed with hot water, including nausea, heartburn and removing parasites. By drinking lemon juice regularly, your stomach is helped to eliminate dirt more efficiently. Lemon acts as a blood purifier and cleaning agent. Intake of lemon juice can cure constipation. Even the benefits of other lemon water are to function as a liver tonic and help digest food by helping the liver produce more bile.

2. Skin care
The second benefit of lemon water is that it can be a natural antiseptic drug, which is responsible for treating skin-related problems. Eating lemon juice regularly can give a big change in the appearance of your skin. Lemon has a function as an anti-aging drug, removing wrinkles and blackheads. Even if it is affixed to the burn area it can fade the scars.

Lemon Water Benefits for Unexpected Health

3. Dental care
Did you know that the benefits of lemon are also very important in dental care? Yes, gargling with fresh lemon juice can actually help in getting rid of tooth pain. The benefits of lemon on the gums can stop bleeding gums. This method also prevents foul odours and other problems related to gums.

4. Cure throat infections
Lemon is a fruit that is very good in helping fight problems associated with throat infections, sore throats and bacterial tonsillitis. To deal with a sore throat, you can rinse with half a glass of lemon juice.

5. Lose weight
Routinely drinking lime juice paves the way to lose weight faster. Utilizing lemon juice mixed with warm water and honey can also help reduce weight.

6. Control high blood pressure
Efficacy of lemon works like a magic herb especially for people who have heart problems. Lemon has a high potassium content in it. A high potassium diet is also believed to help control high blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, help relax the mind, reduce mental stress and depression.

Lemon Water Benefits for Unexpected Health

7. Helps cure breath disorders
The efficacy of lemon can also help in curing breathing problems, especially in people who suffer from asthma.

8. Treat rheumatism
The benefits of lemon water can help treat rheumatism and inflammation of the joints because this fruit has diuretic properties, by removing bacteria and poisons from the body.

9. Relieves fever
The benefits of lemon can treat someone who has flu or fever, by increasing sweat production.

10. Blood cleanser
The benefits of lemons can then cleanse the blood. Diseases such as cholera or malaria can be treated with lemon water because it has blood cleansing properties.

11. Helps prevent kidney stones
The citric acid in lemon can help prevent kidney stones. Drinking lemon water not only helps you get more citric acid, but also the water you need to prevent kidney stones.

Drinking 1/2 cup of lemon water provides the same amount of citric acid that you find in various recipes.

12. Improve heart health
Drinking lemon juice is very helpful for people who suffer from heart problems because it contains potassium. The benefits of lemon water can control high blood pressure, dizziness, and nausea because it provides a calming sensation for both mind and body. According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, daily intake of lemon water is balanced with effective exercise for high blood pressure. Other studies also remind the importance of foods rich in vitamin C in preventing various coronary heart disease.

13. Haircare
Lemon juice has proven to be beneficial in wide-scale hair care. When applied to the scalp, the benefits of lemon can overcome dandruff, hair loss and other problems related to hair and scalp. If you apply lemon water directly to your hair, it can make your hair shine naturally.

14. Fade scars
The efficacy of lemon is able to cool burns and help scars because lemons are a cooling agent, which reduces the burning sensation in the skin that has burned.

15. Stop bleeding in the body
Lemon has antiseptic and coagulant properties so the benefits of lemon can stop internal bleeding. Put a small cotton ball into lemon water, then place it in the nose to stop the nosebleed.

If you are in good health and body weight of 70 kg or less, it is recommended to squeeze half a lemon and serve it in one glass of water. Drink twice a day. However, if you weigh more than 70 kg, squeeze one whole lemon into a glass of water. For the maximum benefit of lemon, drink twice a day. benefits of lemon for health

Side Effects of Drinking Lemon Water

Lemon water is generally very safe to drink. However, the lemon juice can damage tooth enamel slowly when you drink it often, which makes your teeth more vulnerable to cavities.

Tips to avoid side effects, drink lemon water using a straw if possible, to avoid contact with your teeth.

Rinse mouth with water after drinking lemon water. If you want to brush your teeth after drinking lemon water, you should wait for up to one hour. Direct brushing after drinking lemon water can damage tooth enamel, because the acidic nature of lemon water can soften tooth enamel, causing damage and susceptibility to cavities.

If you drink lemon water at breakfast, you should brush your teeth first. In conclusion, lemon water is safe for consumption even very good for your health. However, the acidic nature of lemon water can damage tooth enamel if you drink it too often.

Well. That's the benefit of lemons. Very useful for us, for sure. Thank you.

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