Negative Effects Often Drink Cold Water

Protec Health People tend to like ice water in the form of ice water or other drinks such as tea, syrup, etc. that are cold. This drink can indeed provide a fresh sensation, especially if consumed during the day or when the air temperature is quite stinging. The problem is, drinking ice water can have an adverse effect on your health.

negative effects often drink cold water

Various effects that will be obtained if you drink ice
Health experts say there are several health effects that we can get if we are used to drinking ice water frequently. These health effects cannot even be underestimated.

Here are the health effects.

1. Indigestion
Health experts say ice water will indeed be changed in temperature by the digestive tract to match the internal temperature of the body, but this will also make the digestive tract work so hard that finally, it cannot really digest food to the maximum. Eating ice water will also make the digestive process run more slowly. In addition, the fat destruction process cannot be carried out maximally. This certainly will make the arrival of some symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, and constipation problems.

2. Causes a sore throat
Although it can provide a fresh sensation, health experts say drinking ice water too often can trigger the onset of a sore throat. This is caused by cold drinks which apparently can cause mucus production in the esophagus to increase. The presence of mucus can also trigger the arrival of viruses or bacteria which can eventually cause inflammation, infection, or even interference with the respiratory tract.

3. Heart rate slows down
There have been many studies that prove that consuming too much ice water can have a detrimental effect on the vagus nerve, the nerve that controls various functions and organs without us knowing it. One of these nerve functions is controlling our heart rate. If until this happens, it is feared that the heart rate will slow down and this will greatly affect the overall blood circulation.

4. Make weight gain
Water does not have calories at all so it should not cause weight gain. It's just that, as mentioned earlier, cold water can cause interference with the digestive system which ultimately affects the body's metabolic system. If we are also used to applying unhealthy eating patterns or are lazy to exercise, then the weight will be easier to rise significantly.

5. Easier to thirst
If we look at it, consuming cold water or ice water will not easily make us overcome thirst compared to when we consume water with ordinary temperatures. We like to continue drinking it even though we drink enough.

Health experts say cold water really cannot easily provide a sensation of relief after drinking it. Unfortunately, after drinking it in large quantities, the stomach actually feels bloated and increasingly uncomfortable.

6. Causes headaches
Drinking cold water after a meal or after doing exercise can also make us more susceptible to headaches. This is caused by the narrowing of blood vessels in the head due to exposure to cold temperatures. This condition can cause headaches that will certainly interfere with our daily activities.

Seeing these facts, we should not be accustomed to consuming cold water often. Eat water with normal temperatures, especially those in the form of water because it is much healthier for the body.

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