Danger Micin (Flavoring) for Health When Overeating

Protec Health -  Micin (flavor) is one of the ingredients that are still controversial associated dangers. All parties should agree that the danger of this micin must be if consumed in large quantities or in excess.
Danger Micin (Flavoring) for Health When Overeating

As food or other ingredients that invite certain dangers if consumed in excess, mic (vetsin) can also have a negative impact on health if consumed in excess. So, know the dangers of this flavoring if consumed in excess.

What is mic (vetsin)?

Micin is a spice used to be mixed into cooking. There are other terms for micin, namely vetsin, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and flavoring. Micin is often used because it can make dishes more savory and delicious.

History of micin development

The first time, micin or MSG was found in Germany. Scientists in Germany managed to isolate glutamic acid and convert it to monosodium glutamate (MSG). However, at that time the function of MSG was not known as flavoring.

After decades after, a professor in Japan managed to find the key to delicacy in Japanese food that used to use seaweed. After that, the use of micin as a cooking ingredient spread to Indonesia.

However, there is one thing to note that initially the process of making micin or monosodium glutamate came from natural ingredients. As the market demand is high, the process of making MSG finally uses the fermentation process.

The danger of micin (flavoring) for the health of the body

The danger of micin that will be presented is the danger of vetsin (flavoring) which will occur due to the use of micin in large quantities or the sensitivity that may occur in certain people.

The excessive amount of micin intake or sensitivity to vitamins can result in the following hazards:

1. The appearance of symptoms similar to  Chinese Restaurant Syndrome
The danger of micin can cause several problems similar to the symptoms of  Chinese Restaurant Syndrome. As for some symptoms, the neck, arms, and chest feel hot, the muscles to the back feel stiff, chest pain, headache, nausea, palpitations, and even to vomiting.

This flavoring effect occurs in people who turn out to be sensitive or intolerant to the glutamate content inside the micin. These symptoms will occur half an hour after consumption. Generally, this symptom is not dangerous because it will disappear after 5 hours.

However, you should immediately see a doctor if you experience this after eating certain foods or dishes that use micin. It is intended that the flavoring effect does not develop to be quite dangerous.

2. It worsens the condition of people with asthma
Asthma sufferers need to be more careful about using micin as a flavoring ingredient. This is because flavoring can worsen the health conditions of people with asthma.

The danger of flavoring for asthmatics is an increase in attacks after consuming other foods or foods that contain MSG in the amount of about 0.5–2.5 g of MSG.

3. A migraine in children and adolescents
The controversy surrounding micin consumption cannot close the eyes that the danger of micin can make children and adolescents experience migraines or headaches next to the part.

Migraines that occur in the age group of children and adolescents occur because children and adolescents are an age group that still has a sensitivity to flavoring effects.

4. Triggers an allergic reaction
In certain cases, those who are sensitive to the content of monosodium glutamate can trigger an allergic reaction. This allergic reaction is characterized by several symptoms that can be dangerous.

Some signs of this allergic reaction are hives, nausea, vomiting, and headaches. If there are signs of this allergic reaction, you should immediately visit a doctor or seek the nearest medical help. This aims to prevent bad things from happening.

Safe consumption of micin (MSG)

In 1970, the government-owned Food and Drug Administration institute determined that the safe limit for consuming MSG or micin was 120 mg/kg body weight/day.

The limit is equated with the safe limit of salt consumption. In addition, micin should not be given to babies less than 12 weeks. The limit of micin intake must also be considered giving especially to children, adolescents, and people with asthma.

In addition, for people who glutamate intolerant should not consume food or foods that contain micin, especially if excessive. Consultation with a doctor can help to get a solution.

The controversy about the taste flavor (micin) that occurred

The danger is that there are still pros and cons. The pro group believes that micin is not harmful to health and even has certain benefits.

The counter-micin group had opposite opinions and finally decided not to use micin or vetsin. This is done in order to avoid the news of the dangers of flavoring that has been circulating in the community.

The pro group considered the counter-micin group to draw conclusions from the effects of flavoring after being consumed through certain dishes or misunderstanding the results of the study in the form of micin or MSG for mice.

The effect of giving micin to mice does not necessarily have the same effect if given to humans. In addition, the amount of micin given to mice is considered very excessive for these mice if based on their age.

It should be acknowledged if the use of micin for people who are sensitive or in large quantities can endanger health. Therefore, there needs to be a neutral party that bridges research on the amount of micin intake which endangers the health and its negative impacts.

Cross opinions between the two camps regarding the dangers of micin indeed have to be well suspected by the parties concerned. This is intended so that consumers can understand clearly and truthfully about the dangers of micin (vetsin) so that there is no difference in opinion or debate between the two.

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