Benefits of breast sucking for health, can reduce cancer risk?

Protec Health Suction of the breast is basically a fairly common thing to do in sexual activity with a partner. Usually, the purpose of sucking the breast is to increase a woman's sexual arousal. In the community itself, there is a belief that states that there are benefits of sucking breasts for health, including to prevent cancer. Is this true or is it just a myth?

Benefits of breast sucking for health

Benefits of Breast Sucking for Health
If indeed there are benefits of breast suction for health, of course, this activity can be an activity that is more useful than just arousing sexual arousal. Here are some facts about breast suction for health that need to be known:

1. Increase sexual desire
The benefits of a husband sucking his wife's breasts can certainly increase sexual desire. Breasts are one of the most sensitive areas of women that have the potential to increase sexual desire if stimulated.

The benefits of sucking on this breast cannot be ignored because basically passion or lust is also an important thing in undergoing sexual activity. If one of the sexual arousal decreases, of course, the partner will be able to feel. Without high sex drive, of course, sexual relations will not bring benefits as they should.

2. Reducing stress
The efficacy of breast suction for health which should not be missed next is to reduce stress. This activity, as well as sexual relations, can reduce a person's stress level. When experiencing orgasm, the body will produce endorphins which can cause stress hormones.

Sucking breasts can add pleasure to sexual intercourse so this one activity also has a role in achieving orgasm and reducing stress.

3. Breast suction prevents cancer
There is a lot of information circulating in the community that one of the benefits of sucking breasts for health is that it can prevent cancer, especially breast cancer. Some argue that breast suction prevents cancer is just a myth, but there are also some who justify this statement.

The relationship between the benefits of breast suction for health and cancer can actually be seen from various sides. First, breast suction is considered to be one way for early detection of cancer or breast tumors.

If a partner often sucks breasts, of course, it will easily feel a difference that might be an indication of disease. If detected earlier, of course, handling can also be faster.

In addition, there is also a link between breast suction and the production of hormones in a woman's body. Previously mentioned that breast suction can reduce stress and stress is one of the triggers of cancer. The increase in endorphins does not only reduce stress but also can suppress estrogen hormones that trigger breast cancer.

4. Maintain cardiovascular health
The benefit of sucking breast is that it can maintain cardiovascular health. Just as breast suction prevents cancer, the efficacy of this one is also certainly much questionable.

When carrying out sexual activities, including breast suction, the heart rate will increase and this is believed to increase a person's blood flow. One of the benefits of the smooth flow of blood is that it can prevent you from cardiovascular disease.

Things To Look For Before Sucking Breasts

Some of the goodness and benefits of breast suction for health have not been proven through scientific research, but that does not mean that this activity should not be done. Basically, it doesn't hurt to do this to increase sexual desire.

If indeed there is a benefit of sucking breasts, it is a bonus from this one sexual activity. Maintaining overall health must still be done by applying a healthy lifestyle.

Before doing this sexual activity, there are several things that need to be considered. Breast suction can be done, provided that you keep in mind the cleanliness of the body when doing so. Make sure there are no problems with your partner's oral health, besides that women also have to pay attention to the cleanliness of their breasts.

This activity is also only possible if you and your partner both feel comfortable when doing it. If a problem occurs in the breast that makes the breast experience pain when touched or sucked, this activity should not be continued. It's good to consult a doctor to find out the cause and avoid the danger of sucking the breast.

Tips for Maintaining Breast Health

Don't just focus on the benefits of sucking breasts, but also pay attention to breast health. Breast cancer is one of the types of cancer that most women target, even though it can also attack men. The causes of breast cancer vary from unhealthy lifestyles or can also be caused by genetic factors.

Avoiding breast cancer and other breast disorders certainly can not only be done with activities such as holding or sucking breast regularly. As mentioned earlier, a healthy lifestyle must also be applied.

The way that women can take care of breast health is by avoiding cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, maintaining nutritional intake, regular exercise, maintaining ideal body weight, adequate rest, to avoid stress.

In addition, women also need to be sensitive to the characteristics of healthy breasts. If you already know the characteristics, it will be easier to detect a disorder that might invade the breast to get further treatment immediately.

If symptoms occur, such as the appearance of a lump, changes in shape and size, discoloration, or an abnormal discharge from the breast, you should immediately consult a doctor to get further treatment. Routine health checks should also be carried out as a preventative measure.

So much information about breast suction for health needs to be known. Although it is believed that there are several benefits of sucking breasts for health, keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle is still needed to maintain overall breast and body health.

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