9 Ways to Take Care of Healthy Hair Shiny Without a Salon, It's Easy!

Protec Health - Because hair is a girl's crown, so you should know how to take care of hair health to stay healthy, soft and shiny. Some people are even willing to spend a lot of money to get super good hair care. Hair models that are increasingly diverse make prone hair damaged and fall out.

how to treat hair

Caring for hair doesn't have to be in the salon anyway. You can do your own care at home and still get maximum results. But how do you do that? It's easy, following IDN Times summarizes 9 ways to treat shiny healthy hair without having to go to the salon.

1. Choose a product that suits your hair type.

how to treat hair

You have to know what kind of hair you have. Whether it's dry or oily, you have to adjust it to the shampoo and conditioner you will use. Wearing a shampoo that suits your hair will help repair damage to your hair, such as hair loss, breaking, and branching.

2. Shampoo with cold water.

how to treat hair

There are various kinds of conversations about what shampoo should be done with what water. Shampooing with cold water turns out to prevent hair loss. In how to treat healthy hair, you must know that cold water can make blood circulation smooth. In addition to cold water that is able to maintain the strength of the hair roots, cold water is also useful to keep the hair shiny and soft.

3. Using a mask made at home.

how to treat hair

You can make your hair mask. The material is also easy to get. You just have to choose whether it's avocado masks, eggs, coconut milk, fruits or aloe vera. For example, aloe vera which functions to make hair become natural black and keep the scalp from dandruff. The way to make it easy is to take the meat and use it evenly on the hair soaked in warm water. You just wait for it to soak for 15 minutes then rinse it with water.

4. Use baking soda to reduce the chemical content of your styling products.
how to treat hair

Baking soda can help you reduce the chemicals contained in the rest of your styling products. How to make it not difficult at all, you just pour 3 tablespoons of baking soda into the water that you will use to rinse your hair. Rinse the hair with the mixture evenly and everything is finished.

5. Comb your hair properly.
how to treat hair

Although trivial, combing this hair also has an effect on the health of your hair, you know. The right way to comb is by combing the tip of the hair first and then the top. Combing from above will make your hair fall out and break because of tangled hair. In addition, combs made of plastic can deliver static electricity and make your hair damaged. So you better avoid plastic combs, huh.

6. Take Vitamin D.

how to treat hair
Vitamin D is a source of calcium. If many people think that calcium is only good for bones, then actually calcium is also good for hair health. When the calcium level in the body decreases, it also influences the strength of the hair to make hair fall out easily. Taking vitamin D will help you get healthier hair.

7. Take oatmeal.

how to treat hair

Oats are one of the best foods to prevent hair loss. The content of biotin in oats is very good for maintaining the strength and moisture of the hair. Not only for hair, but oats also have many benefits for the body such as controlling blood pressure and boosting the immune system.

8. Do not comb your hair while still wet.

how to treat hair

After shampooing, let your hair dry before combing it. Combing your hair in wet hair will only make your hair fall out and break because it is tangled.

9. Wrap it in a towel instead of rubbing it.

how to treat hair

Hair is very fragile when wet, that's why instead of rubbing it with a towel, it's better to wrap it in a towel to avoid excessive hair breaks.

So how to care for shiny healthy hair without having to go to a salon. The hair that is treated will definitely be different from the hair that does not receive proper care. So, as long as you can do your own care at home easily, why do you have to go to the salon? You have to try this.

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