One Part of the Body Swells, A Sign of Kidney Disease?

Protec Health Although if it is severe enough to cause pain, in reality, many sufferers of kidney disease are not aware of the arrival of this disease and only find out when the condition is already in a severe condition or experiencing kidney failure. In fact, there are some signs that can actually indicate a disturbance in the organ that plays a major role as a filter of fluid in this body.

A Sign of Kidney Disease

Most people think that kidney disease will only cause a sensation of pain in the waist or during urination. In fact, it could be other symptoms such as swelling of the face, legs, and hands can also indicate this condition. Indeed, swelling in some parts of the body can also be caused by other things, however, we do need to be aware of possible kidney problems.

Kidneys that are still in healthy condition will be able to reduce excess fluid and electrolytes so that the balance of fluids and various substances in the body is maintained. Unfortunately, this function will not work if the kidney has been damaged or has a problem.

Fluid and other substances that are overdone are no longer teaching or wasted so they eventually accumulate in the body. This buildup ultimately causes swelling in the legs, hands, or face.

Kidneys that have been damaged will also cause high levels of protein in the urine when urinating. This condition will also cause lower levels of albumin in the body.

This condition will trigger a decrease in colloid plasma pressure which affects body fluids that are held in the body and eventually flow to muscle tissue. This is what ultimately makes the swelling worse.

Seeing this fact, do not underestimate the swelling of some parts of the body, especially if there are no obvious causes and appear for a long time. Immediately check this condition to find out for sure whether the cause is a kidney problem or not.

If we are able to detect kidney problems earlier, it is hoped that the healing process will be better done so that it can be restored and not get worse.

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