17 how to get rid of foot odor. most effective

Protec Health Foot odor is one of the most common body odor problems, but it is also very troubling. Not only yourself is not comfortable, but the smell of feet can also make people around us uncomfortable. There are very many ways to get rid of foot odor ranging from natural to medical and of course by changing daily habits.

17 how to get rid of foot odor

Causes of foot odor
Before knowing how to get rid of foot odor, let's find out the cause first. Every part of the human body has sweat that can produce sweat under certain conditions. Reporting from Health Line, the number of glandular glands in the legs turns out more on other body parts.

The presence of sweat glands in the legs is so that the feet can produce sweat to keep the skin moist and cool the body. In some conditions, the production of sweat on one's feet can indeed be excessive or even less and the feet become dry.

In addition to the presence of sweat, naturally, there are also bacteria in our feet. If bacteria accumulate and feet produce excessive sweating, then the potential for foot odor can occur. Certain habits can also trigger additional bacteria that make the feet smell.

How to get rid of foot odor
There are lots of ways to get rid of foot odor. There are ways to get rid of foot odor naturally, medically, by changing daily habits. Here are various ways to get rid of foot odor that you can try:

1. Soak salt water
The first way is to eliminate foot odor naturally with salt water. Soaking the feet with salt water is indeed believed to have various benefits ranging from relaxation, relieving eczema, to removing foot odor.

The method is also very easy, mix half a glass of salt with 4 cups of warm water in a container. After that, soak the feet for 10-15 minutes. Avoid using water that is too hot.

2. Soak lemon juice
Foot odor can also be overcome with lemon juice. This one fruit has antibacterial properties so that it can overcome excess sweat and bacteria that cause foot odor. Mix the juice of 6 lemons with one basin of water to soak the feet. Soak for at least 15 minutes.

3. Soak the baking soda water
Besides salt and lemon, baking soda can also be an option for soaking the feet. Mix ¼ cup of baking soda with enough water to soak the feet. You can also add lemon juice to add a fresh aroma to the marinade.

4. Soak vinegar water
The next way to remove foot odor is to soak the feet with vinegar. Mix water and vinegar with a ratio of 2: 1 to soak the feet. Then soak the feet for about 15 minutes. Before doing this one method, make sure there are no open sores or irritations on your feet.

5. Soak the tea
Reported from Reader's Digest Best Health, tannic acid in black tea can help kill bacteria that cause foot odor and reduce the production of sweat on the feet. Sadden two black tea bags in two cups of water for 15 minutes.
Next mix the tea with two liters of water. Wait until the water temperature is ideal for soaking your feet, then soak your feet for 30 minutes.

6. Soak mouthwash
Another way you can try is to soak the feet with a mouthwash. The antimicrobial properties of mouthwash are usually only used to eradicate bacteria in the mouth, but can also be tried to treat bacteria in the legs.
Mix 250 ml with enough water to soak the feet. Soak the feet for 15 minutes. After that rinse with clean water and dry it.

7. Coffee
There are several ways to deal with foot odor naturally with coffee. The first way is to mix coffee and coconut oil to serve as coffee scrubs to help remove dead skin cells.
The second way is to eliminate the odor in the shoes used. Yes, foot odor can also be triggered by the smell that still remains on the footwear we use. Put the coffee powder into a clean sock and place it in the shoes for the whole night.

8. Antibacterial or antifungal soap
Have you cleaned your feet regularly? If not, maybe that's the cause of the smell of feet that you experience. Try to wash your feet with antibacterial or antifungal soap. Don't forget the part between fingers.
After washing your feet, make sure you dry your feet properly before returning to wearing footwear again.

9. Use deodorant
Deodorant is not only useful for overcoming underarm odor, but also can be a way to eliminate foot odor. Deodorant has antibacterial properties to prevent developing odorous bacteria. If you have a problem with foot odor, try to apply the deodorant to your feet.

10. Use antiperspirants
Antiperspirant has a function that is not much different from deodorant , which prevents underarm odor. It's just that the way it works is different. If deodorants work with antibacterials, antiperspirants work by preventing the production of excessive sweat which is considered to be a smell.

11. Iontophoresis therapy
How to remove foot odor can also be done medically, one of them is iontophoresis therapy. This therapy is carried out by flowing light electricity using water media. The goal is to close the pores of the feet to prevent excessive sweating.

12. Botox injections
Botox injections turned out to be not only effective as an anti-aging treatment but also can overcome the problem of body odor. Botox injections work by blocking nerves that tell sweat to produce sweat. This is what makes the production of excessive sweat preventable.

13. Exfoliate regularly
The next way to eliminate foot odor is to exfoliate the skin regularly. Previously it was mentioned that one way to isolate the legs can use coffee. Besides coffee, you can also use foot scrub products that are already on the market.

Exfoliate regularly. But don't do it more than once a week because it can make your feet dry or can also cause irritation.

14. Clean toenails
Toenails can be a place for the development of bacteria in the legs. Cleaning and cutting toenails on a regular basis can be one way to get rid of foot odor. If it's not time to cut, always make sure that your toenails are clean.

15. Change socks every day
Eliminating foot odor is not only enough to make sure your feet are clean, but the footwear you use must also be clean. Try to replace socks every day to avoid accumulating odor-causing bacteria.

16. Avoid damp shoes
The other way to remove foot odor is not to use damp shoes. Have at least two shoes so you can use other shoes when one of the shoes is still damp after being washed or even because of rain.

A damp place has the potential to become a place for developing bacteria that will cause unpleasant odors on the feet.

17. Avoid tight socks and shoes
Apart from damp shoes, make sure you also avoid tight or narrow socks and shoes. Narrow shoes and socks not only can hurt your feet but can also trigger the production of excessive sweating.

There he is various ways to deal with foot odor starting from natural, medical, to ways related to daily habits. Both choosing medical methods and natural methods, daily habits must still be applied so that we can avoid foot odor. Good luck and get your confidence back!

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